6 Easy Steps to Brand Development

Know your Business
Evaluate if your Business is ready for Franchising. The concept has to appeal both, the end consumers and to prospective franchisees. Check your financials. Prepare for change.

Learn about the Legal Requirements
This is where a franchisor outlines financial performance, shares information with regard to business, including audited financial statements, an operating manual for franchisees and descriptions of the management team's business experience.

How you want to Grow
Decide your Business Model -- As you prepare your legal paperwork, you'll need to make many decisions about how you'll operate as a franchisor.

Screen your Franchisees
That someone wants to open a franchise with your company's name on it does not mean you should let them. They're going to be representing your brand, so be sure to have a system in place to make sure they'll take your company in the right direction in a new market.

Set The Restrictions
Even after giving franchisees very specific instructions on hiring, training and other practices, there will be, and should be, certain freedom given to franchisees. Give them freedom, but keep those freedom circumscribed.

Support Your Franchisee
Equip your franchisees with sufficient knowledge, training and handholding that he confidently handles the show in the geography and grow as per the business expectations